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The Natural Face Lift- 1 hour Class

Join our Luxury Face Yoga class for an hour of holistic rejuvenation and self-pampering. We start by infusing our bodies with fresh oxygen to stimulate blood flow, calming the central nervous system and grounding us in the present moment. Next, we focus on our facial muscles with exercises designed to lift and strengthen them, while targeting pressure points to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and relieve muscle tension. The class then moves to a revitalizing facial massage that energizes the skin, sculpts and lifts muscles, and incorporates gentle lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and remove toxins. We finish with a tranquil relaxation exercise to quiet the mind and achieve a state of serene focus. $15

Next class Sunday June 30th @ 10am EST 3pm GMT

First time participants can try face yoga for Free- Just add the coupon code

The Glow Club

Join our monthly membership and get full access to all our classes, including our exclusive monthly masterclass. Experience everything The Happy Face has to offer, whether live or on replay (excluding 1-1 face yoga). Start your journey to looking and feeling your best today for only $35 a month!



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